Chris Welch: The Police Und Sting - Das Unentbehrliche Handbuch Story Und Songs Kompact


Verlag: Bosworth
Author: Chris Welch
Format: Bücher | Biografie
The indispensable guide to the music of Gordon Sumner - also known as Sting - and his band The Police. In this book, author Chris Welch takes you through album by album and song by song, giving you invaluable insights into all the songs that Sting has produced, with his band and as a solo artist.

Beginning with 'Outlandos D'Amour' and moving on to 'Roxanne', 'So Lonely' and 'Next To You' through to their final album, 'Synchronicity', on which 'Every Breath You Take' is included. 

Subsequently, the book studies Sting's solo albums in depth, including the 1985 album 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles', his contributions to important soundtracks and the amazing 'Songs From The Labyrinth.'
ISBN: 9783865432223
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