Taylor Swift: Shake It Off

Digitale Noten | Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre (rechte Hand Melodie)

Verlag: Music Sales
Künstler: Taylor Swift
Format: Digitale Noten | Einzelausgabe
Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off is an absolutely huge pop hit with its unimaginably catchy chorus and a strong, independent message in the verse. With Sheet Music Direct, you can learn to sing this song that is bound to stay in the charts - and your head - for a very long time indeed.

This upbeat song that ticks all the right boxes for pop success is a departure from Swift’s usual country-tinged style. Some may criticise this move, but the song is dedicated to those who scrutinise Swift, with the chorus’s call to “shake it off”. If you feel like getting into the Taylor Swift spirit, why not check out our Shake It Off Piano, Vocal and Guitar sheet music and let the bubbly pop hit help you ‘shake it off.’
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        Taylor Swift: Shake It Off
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