Per Nørgård: Libro Per Nobuko (Violin)

Buch | Violine

Künstler: Per Norgard
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik
Programme Note Per Nørgård LIBRO PER NOBUKO (1992)LIBRO PER NOBUKO (BOOK FOR NOBUKO) consists of two pieces written for Nobuko Imai, the Japanese violist.Dedicated Nobuko Imai (1) and Bo [Vincens Steensen-Leth] (2) 1: Sonata 'The Secret Melody' (1a Prologue, 1b Roaming, 1c Singing, 1d Playing, 1e Epilogue) 2: Bofast (in English: Resident)The first (and longest) piece is a sonata in five movements called LA MELODIA SEGRETA (THE SECRET MELODY). The title is borrowed from a book by Trinh Xuan Thuan, the Vietnamese astrophysicist. Of the mysterious and inexplicable order of the universe he writes: Nature sends us the notes of a music formed by a melody that will remain secret forever.The five movements of the sonata circumscribe a hidden melody: a clear melodic shape appears often enough, but it soon reveals itself as being part of another, superior melody - and so on. In this labyrinthine way the three middle movements, framed by a short prologue and epilogue, unfold different moods (roaming, singing, playing) in an eternal hide-and-seek of the melody (melodies).The second piece for Nobuko, BOFAST (RESIDENT) is dedicated to Bo Vincens Steensen-Leth, in gratitude of the many and selfless services he has rendered to the musical audiences at the locality of Langeland, Denmark. The piece remains faithful to one single motif, a "resident", like Bo and his ancestors who have been residents at the manor house Steensgaard for over 400 years.Per Nørgård, 1997
ISBN: 9788759809099
Veröffentlicht am: 01 Januar 1992
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