Hyacinthe Klosé: Études De Genre Et De Mécanisme (Saxophone)

Buch | Saxophon

Verlag: Alphonse Leduc
Komponist: Hyacinthe E. Klosé
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Studies for style and technique is a volume of twenty studies by Hyacinthe Klosé. Written for upper-intermediate / advanced players, this edition has been revised and adapted for Saxophone by Paul Jeanjean.

These studies are a must-have to maintain and keep developing a good breathing technique as well as some rapidity and good style while playing.

Hyacinthe Klosé (1808-1880) is a French Clarinet player, composer and professor at the Conservatoire de Paris and Paul Jeanjean (1874-1928), a French composer known for his Clarinet compositions.

ISBN: 9790046173639
Veröffentlicht am: 31 Dezember 1989
Sprache: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Japanisch
Katalognr.: AL17363