Pure Tone: Digital Metronome

Verlag: Pure Tone
Das digitale Metronom von Pure Tone liefert einen Umfang von 30 bis 250 Anschägen pro Minute. Du kannst aus unterschiedlichen Beats und Rhythmen wählen. Es bietet außerdem einen kleinen Lautsprecher, der den ersten Ton in jedem Takt des Beats höher spielt, um dir das Halten der Zählzeiten zu erleichtern. Mit Lautstärkeregler und Clip zum Befestigen.

Inkl. einer Uhr und Triolen Rhythmen.
Veröffentlicht am: 14 Januar 2008
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: PTN100529

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      Durchschnittsbewertung 8.0 von 10 basierend auf 4 Bewertungen

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      The metronome is really good but the battery is a bit difficult to replace. The original menronome (which was the same type) was a gift but only lasted 6 months. Its clear and easy to use but the clock didnt keep very good time. The service from Music room was brilliant
      Anonym - (Sunderland, United Kingdom)
      bin sehr zufrieden lieferung hat supi geklappt und das metronom ist auch toll danke
      Anonym - (HELMSTEDT, Germany)
      Absolutely brilliant - couldn't concentrate using a traditional metronome but am progressing famously with the digital version. I like the definition of the first beat of the bar on both speaker and in vibration mode finding this particularly helpful in keeping an even beat. It has 'saved the day' as my music teacher is understandably very strict about keeping to the beat.
      Anonym - (DERBY, United Kingdom)
      Simple à utiliser. A clipser sur le pupitre. Ce métronome n'a rien à envier à aucun autre métronome aussi cher soit-il. Excellent rapport qualité-prix.
      Anonym - (MOULINS, France)
      A bit fiddly but otherwise an excellent little device for the price.
      Anonym - (Pinner, United Kingdom)
      This metronome was a bargain! It has three different volume settings, and can also be set to vibrate which produces a more subtle 'buzz' to play along to. It's easy to use and the clip means you can put it anywhere. Why would you need to spend more money on a metronome?
      Anonym - (Derby, United Kingdom)
      This is a very useful machine. Strong clip and good sound and vibration. Light but heavy enough not to be easily lost in pockets and gig bags!
      Anonym - (London, United Kingdom)
      très bon rapport qualité-prix pour ceux que le prix d'un métronome classique rebute.
      Anonym - (Viuz La Chiesaz, France)
      Nice size, easy to use. Only one negative is its not very loud so have to rely on the sequence on the screen instead.
      Anonym - (South Croydon, United Kingdom)
      Excellent when playing the violin, well worth the money. Worth buying for Grade 5 violin
      Anonym - (Holywell, United Kingdom)
      This is just what my son needed -it clips onto the music stand or onto his belt, is easy to set, small enough to carry around in the instrument case, and loud enough to be heard when the saxophone is being played!
      Anonym - (Andover, United Kingdom)
      My son is very pleased with this metronome. Very easy to use and a nice, clear sound.
      Anonym - (Bedford, United Kingdom)
      I am very impressed with this metronome. It is small and can be clipped to a music book or belt and can be set to sound or vibrate. It is excellent for enthusiastic amateurs like myself. I would highly recommend it.
      Anonym - (Bristol, United Kingdom)
      Great little metronome for the price and really handy for carrying about.
      Anonym - (Rotherham, United Kingdom)
      I found its eardrum-piercing beeping unbearable and had to send it back!
      Anonym - ()
      Had to buy a cheap metronome as i have lost my other, and this is a brilliant substitute! Works just fine, and helpfully clips to the stand on my piano!
      Anonym - (Harrogate, United Kingdom)
      Easy to use, ideal for pupils
      Anonym - (Aberdare, United Kingdom)
      Incredible little metronome! Works like a charm every time, whether i "clip" it on the stand, put it next to my sheets or wear it on my cloth... Highly recommendable!
      Anonym - (Esbjerg, Denmark)
      I bought a metronome on E-Bay thinking I would get a bargain. It was a fiddly and not very user friendly one so I looked at Music Room metronomes and bought this one. Only pennies more but excellent - easy to use - and with it's clip fixes to the top of my music. I am so very pleased with this one.
      Anonym - (Bristol, United Kingdom)
      Works well helps you to keep in accurate time suitable for loud instruments like the Saxophone and also is adjustable to attach to your instrument.
      Anonym - (Hornsea, United Kingdom)
      First class portable metronome. So handy to clip onto stand during practise.
      Anonym - (Chard, United Kingdom)

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