Rowley, A The Grand Old Duke Of York 2pt

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Komponist: Alec Rowley
Format: Noten | Gesangsalbum

The well-known English nursery rhyme, The Grand Old Duke of York is reinterpreted here by Alec Rowley for two treble Voices with Piano accompaniment. Like many popular nursery rhymes the origins of the song have been much debated and remain unclear. Often performed as an action song, audiences can be asked to ‘act out’ the rhyme by standing up, sitting down, and standing halfway up at the appropriate points in the verse, making it a fun experience for audiences and performers alike.

Alec Rowley (13 March 1892 – 11 January 1958) was an English composer and writer on music. Apart from his frequent Piano recitals and broadcasts, he was widely known for his compositions for amateur forces.

Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: PAT18670

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        Rowley, A The Grand Old Duke Of York 2pt
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