Dupont/Wallez: Petit Violon Voyage Au Pays Des Comptines (Teacher's Book)

Buch | Violine

Verlag: Alphonse Leduc
Author: Isabelle Dupont
Format: Bücher | Instrumentalmethode

French violinist and conductor, Jean-Pierre Wallez (b. 1939) studied at the Paris Conservatoire where he won many prizes. As a prolific violinist himself, Petit Violon Voyage Au Pays Des Comptines is well-informed.

Wallez was the first solo violinist of the Orchestre de Paris. His later career saw him conduct and teach. His Petit Violon Voyage Au Pays Des Comptines includes illustrations suitable for children and well-known children's rhymes, whilst addressing elements including hand positions, holding the bow, articulation and music theory, amongst other aspects. For all young beginner violinists, Wallez's Petit Violon Voyage Au Pays Des Comptines ensures progressive and inspired learning of the Violin.

ISBN: 9790046294952
Sprache: Französisch
Katalognr.: AL29495