Amélie Oliviero-Denaës: Le Solfège Des Violinistes (Violin Solo)

Buch | Violine

Verlag: Alphonse Leduc
Format: Noten | Partitur

Amélie Oliviero-Denaës studied at the Paris Conservatoire where she won First Prize for Music Theory. As an advanced violinist herself, Oliviero-Denaës' Le Solfège Des Violinistes is very well-informed.

Oliviero-Denaës' Le Solfège Des Violinistes is described as the 'simultaneous learning of Theory and Violin'. Le Solfège Des Violinistes addresses the stave, clefs, the 4 strings of the Violin, note names and values, time signatures, sharps and flats, rests, scales and tones, and intervals, among other aspects. For all beginner violinists, Oliviero-Denaës' Le Solfège Des Violinistes ensures a high standard of understanding and progression.

ISBN: 9790046295553
Sprache: Französisch
Katalognr.: AL29555