Malipiero: Maschere Che Passano for Piano Solo

Buch | Klavier

Verlag: Chester Music
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Gian Francesco Malipiero (1882-1973) was an Italian composer, musicologist, and editor. Born in Venice, he studied in Berlin, Paris, and Bologna. He is perhaps best remembered for his work in editing historical Italian music, most notably Monteverdi’s complete works, but he also composed prolifically, writing seventeen symphonies and several operatic stage works.

Maschere Che Passano (Passing Maskers) was written in 1918 for solo Piano. It comprises five movements, and is one of the earliest works in which the composer explores the characteristics of the grotesque and the masquerade. While slightly awkward to play, these pieces form a wonderfully rewarding collection for any pianist to master.

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