Merikanto: Finnish Folk Song Variations for Piano

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Verlag: Chester Music
Komponist: Oskar Merikanto
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Finnish Folk Song With Variations (Op. 21) was based on the Finnish folk melody Alä Itke Aitini (Don’t Cry, My Mother) and scored for solo Piano.

Oskar Merikanto (1868-1924) was a Finnish pianist, organist and composer. Having studied in Leipzig and Berlin, he took a full time position as an organist and teacher in Helsinki, where he remained until his death. He is best known for his three operas, which were the first operas to be written in the Finnish language. However, his contribution to Finnish folk music is perhaps even greater: the depth and warmth of his addition to this genre are indicative of his wider musical prowess.

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