Dena Murray: Vocal Technique - A Guide To Finding Your Real Voice

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Verlag: Hal Leonard
Author: Dena Murray
Format: Noten | Gesangsalbum
Endlich auch die hohen Töne treffen! Entfalten Sie Ihr wahres Potential und lernen Sie, frei und ohne Scheu zu singen. Diese Anleitung von Dena Murray lehrt wie man natürlich atmet, die Sprechstimme verbessert, einen natürlichen Stimmumfang über 3 Oktaven entwickelt und wie man die Grenzen überschreitet, um daraus den Klang nur einer Stimme zu erzeugen. Mit zwei CDs, auf denen Demonstrationen, begleitende Übungen und eine Vielzahl an Übungstracks vorhanden sind.
ISBN: 9780634013195
Skill Level: Anfänger Explain this
Veröffentlicht am: 29 August 2002
Seitenzahl: 64
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: HL00695427

          Kundenrezensionen bei Musicroom

          Avoid this book. In my opinion and in the opinion of all of the professional musicians I have consulted, the following example of the authors singing is one of the worst examples of singing ever heard As for the writing in the book, here is a quote "To sing with ease and freedom, the vocal cords and the breath must be working as a team. This means that the action between the two must be a simultaneous one. Taking in the breath and starting the note must occur at exactly the same moment. One cannot come out before the other." You do not have to know anything about singing, you just have to have reasonable intelligence to figure out that "Taking in the breath and starting the note must occur at exactly the same moment". Obviously a singer can not inhale and exhale at the same moment, and no, she is not talking about circular breathing. Concepts about singing are difficult to understand even when they are based on knowledge, experience and simple logic. It is a shame that this book is out there and should be avoided at all costs. Any other book from music room would be preferable. When the author asks musicroom to take down this review, please listen to the sound example I listed and the others as well and decide whether you want to be associated with this. I do not know the author and the only interest I have in this is purely to protect the customers here. How did this abomination slip through the cracks?
          Anonym - (logic city)
          I must say I agree with the other comment. Being a singing teacher myself (with a postgraduate degree in Singing, not a BA in Speech like Dena Murray), I have read a few of Dena Murray's books - most of them are appalling and give completely wrong advice about sound technique. The lack of fundamental knowledge is striking and against all scientific research in this field. Some of the advice she gives is simply wrong. If I taught my students based on this, they would all lose their voices pretty quickly. Sometimes I really wonder why so many good musicians and teachers struggle to make a living, while people like this who use a clever marketing strategy to blind prospective students or push their sales get away with it. Deana Murray charges in excess of $80 for a lesson - not bad for teaching a hazardous technique. I am not surprised that her own voice is some of the worst I've ever heard. Sadly the aforementioned link doesn't work anymore, but everyone can convince themselves by the soundsamples on her webpage (especially the Evanesence one that is on at the moment - oh my God!). Sorry, not a single good word here. If I could give 0 stars, I would have done it. Avoid at all costs ...
          Anonym - (United Kingdom)