Jacques Castérède: Brèves Rencontres - 3 Pièces For Trumpet And Piano

Buch | Trompete, Klavierbegleitung

Verlag: Alphonse Leduc
Komponist: Jacques Castérède
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Brèves Rencontres by Jacques Castérède is a set of three pieces for Bb or C Trumpet and Piano. Written for the Paris Conservatoire contest, the pieces are difficult (8°,9°) and last 8 minutes.

The three pieces are:
- Divertissement, Allegro Brillante (tempo 120)
- Pavane, Andante Sost. (tempo 66)
- Scherzo, Allegro con spirito (tempo 112)

Jacques Castérède (1926-2014) was a renowned composer and pianist. He has won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1953 and has composed numerous melodic pieces including ballets, concertos, symphonies, ensemble and chamber music.

ISBN: 9790046236198
Sprache: Englisch, Französisch
Katalognr.: AL23619

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