Louis Couperin: Pieces De Clavecin Vol.2

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Verlag: Heugel
Komponist: Louis Couperin
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

The complete Harpsichord work - Volume 2 by Louis Couperin is the second of a series of volumes with suites for Harpsichord. Composed in a Baroque style, the whole series features 133 pieces for advanced players.

Louis Couperin (1626-1661) was a French composer and performer, who created many pieces for Organ and for Harpsichord who later became musician at the court. He invented the genre of Unmeasured Prelude for which he created a form of notation where the harpsichordist can choose how long each note lasts. François Couperin, Louis’ nephew, is also a very famous musician who played the Harpsichord.

ISBN: 9790047336910
Seitenzahl: 172
Sprache: Französisch
Katalognr.: HE33691

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