Louis Bleuzet: Technique Du Hautbois/The Technics Of The Oboe Vol.1

Buch | Oboe

Verlag: Alphonse Leduc
Author: Louis Bleuzet
Format: Bücher | Instrumentalmethode

The Techniques Of The Oboe - Sonority And Mechanism by Louis Bleuzet is a method for Oboe, using the rational study of the scale. This first volume for beginners includes the following topics: 

1. Scales
2. Mechanism
3. Sonority
4. Articulations
5. Trills

The two other volumes focus on: Scales in third, Mechanism, Scales in fourths, Mechanism, Whole tone scales, Chromatic scale, Arpeggios and Staccato. Louis Bleuzet (1874-1941) was a French Oboist and a professor at the Paris Conservatoire.
ISBN: 9790046193071
Sprache: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch
Katalognr.: AL19307