Nuit Des Hommes, Kopi

Buch | Cello, Mezzo-Sopran, Percussion, Bratsche, Violine, Tenor, Elektronik

Komponist: Per Norgard
Per Nørgård NUIT DES HOMMES"The night of mankind - the night of men" is a kind of opera in so far as it is about a stagework with sung accompanied by both acoustic and electronic instruments - a stagework in two acts and approx. 20 pictures. However if you by opera think of its "dramatic type" with people in one or more conflicts, mutual and with themselves - well, then "Night of mankind" probably has to reckon among another, not yet categories genre.It may well be two named person that perform (Alice and Vilhelm), but "the opera" does not deal with their possible mutual tensions, but instead of their common limitless intensity, which first make them in harmony walk the dangerous paths on which the enthusiasm lead them and afterwards divides them as now radically changed figures: from the individual woman to the war correspondent, in demagogic - ecstatic outburst of feelings - from the mans human to the soldiers unhuman everyday. A crash into the underground - without a return ticket."Per Nørgård
ISBN: 9788759876817
Sprache: Dänisch
Katalognr.: KP00703

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      Nuit Des Hommes, Kopi
      Cello, Mezzo-Sopran, Percussion, Bratsche, Violine, Tenor, Elektronik
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