Julius Weissenborn: 11 Bassoon Recital Pieces

Buch | Fagott, Klavierbegleitung

Komponist: Julius Weissenborn
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Julius Weissenborn is best remembered today for the teaching material written for use at the Leipzig Conservatorium where he taught bassoon from 1882. His two famous tutor books are still the most popular bassoon etudes in use today, well over 120 years after they were written. This anthology represents the first-ever publication that contains all 11 of the extant full recital pieces for bassoon and piano that Weissenborn envisioned as the third part to this tutor in a single volume. Southern Music is proud to present this fine collection of Tone and Performance Studies to players of all levels, edited by veteran Principal Bassoonist for the Detroit Symphony, Robert Williams.

ISBN: 9781581066548
Veröffentlicht am: 08 Januar 2019
Katalognr.: HL00286482

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      Julius Weissenborn: 11 Bassoon Recital Pieces
      Fagott, Klavierbegleitung
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