Peter Skellern: Trolls


Verlag: Cramer Music
Komponist: Peter Skellern
Format: Audio / Video | Aufnahmen

A great fun musical from the hand of Peter Skellern. Lively, rhythmical, tuneful and enjoyable for children to perform and entertaining to watch. Peter Skellern's catchy and varied tunes along with his wit will equally appeal to adults. Here we are introduced to the Troll kingdom of Govia where resides King Smee, Lady Screed, Droople and Bleeta and the evil goblin...Snick! along with all the village people in a battle of good and evil. This CD features an enthralling rendition of the narrated version with the actor/writer/broadcaster Jeremy Nicholas masterly captivating the audience. The National Youth Music Theatre provide a wonderful performance of the songs from the atmospheric Woodland Creatures, to the comical army It Can Ruin What Was Once A Lovely Day, the climatic Good Lord, No! Deary Me! as the Drongs and Screeds battle their position in society to Skellern's exceptional touch in creating that unforgettable romantic song Love Will Always Help You Through.

Veröffentlicht am: 23 Oktober 2018
Katalognr.: CRA90700

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