A Performer's Guide To Music (Book/CD)

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These stimulating books will help students to achieve stylish performances of music of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods.

What do performers of today need to know to make an appropriate contribution to the music of different eras? And what can all musicians learn from the experience of specialists in period performance?

The Performer’s Guide aims to answer these questions in a clear, helpful and practical way. All three guides include a historical introduction, a detailed account of how the music of the period was notated and how performers were expected to interpret it, and a guide to sources and editions. Further chapters give specialist advice to keyboard players, string players, wind players and singers. The contributors are all musicans with both scholarly expertise and practical experience – including several leading performers. The text is illustrated with music examples, facsimiles and pictures, and in sound by a full-length CD of excerpts from a wide range of recordings.

ISBN: 9781786010988
Veröffentlicht am: 12 Oktober 2018
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