R. Kusek: In the Old Style

Buch | Kontrabass, Klavier

Verlag: PWM
Author: Ryszard Kusek
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Music should bring much joy and happiness to everyone, and especially to children. Therefore, the main assumption that the author was accompanied with while creating these pieces for lower music schools students, was evoking the feeling of satisfaction of playing music. Sonatas, concertos or scherzos are rarely found in the repertoire of inexperienced instrumentalists. It is really worth while making the students acquainted with the pieces at an early stage of their education, to allow them to develop their playing technique on the basis of their skills, shape their musical sensitivity and enable them in the future to reach for the repertoire that makes the canon of double bass and cello music.

ISBN: 9790274017576
Veröffentlicht am: 03 August 2018
Katalognr.: PWM11691010

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      R. Kusek: In the Old Style
      Kontrabass, Klavier
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