Radhika Iyer: Elements Of Indian Music (Book/Online Audio)

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Author: Radhika Iyer
Format: Bücher | Instrumentalmethode

Elements of Indian Music introduces the Indian melodic system in an accessible manner within the realm of Western music theory. It demonstrates a new archetype in music composition for composers of any genre, as well as composition teachers and anyone interested in ethnomusicology.

This book contains a set of 12 etudes for piano and transcriptions for classical guitar. Each etude is about one minute in length and utilizes notes from a particular Indian scale. An intermediate to advanced skill level is required to perform each etude. Practicing and performing these studies is an excellent way to expand one’s musical perspective beyond traditional diatonic scales.

Indian music has intrigued the West for a long time, but hasn’t always been accessible because of the absence of a systematic approach to theory and repertoire. Just as the Western harmonic system is well developed, the Indian melodic system is very advanced and equally established. The intermingling of these two worlds can inspire new, exceptional sonic landscapes.

Useful literature on the evolution of the Indian melodic system is also included, with notes on how it can be used as a modus operandi by Western musicians who wish to apply Indian scales in Western compositions and improvisations.

Includes access to online audio.

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