Dana Wilson: Searching For Lost Dreams

Buch | Bläserensemble

Verlag: Boosey & Hawkes
Komponist: Dana Wilson
Reihe: Windependence
Format: Noten | Partitur und Stimmen

The composer states:
“As I began this piece, it was as though I were entering a dream. The music was atmospheric, undefined, and somewhat disorienting. Gradually the material became more focused, but just in time to switch to a very different--though related--sound world, which became the second movement. The overall poignancy, varied sound worlds and dramatic shape of the music suggested the title.”

Instrumentation: piccolo, flute I, flute II, oboe, clarinet in Eb, clarinet in Bb I, clarinet in Bb II, clarinet in Bb III, bass clarinet in Bb, bassoon, alto saxophone in Eb I, alto saxophone in Eb II, tenor saxophone in Bb, baritone saxophone in Eb, trumpet in Bb

ISBN: 9790051663712
Skill Level: Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene Explain this
Veröffentlicht am: 29 August 2018
Seitenzahl: 348
Katalognr.: BHI66371

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      Dana Wilson: Searching For Lost Dreams
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