Giulio Briccialdi: Three Duos For Two Flutes And Piano

Buch | Querflöte(Duett), Klavier

Verlag: Hal Leonard
Komponist: Giulio Briccialdi
Reihe: LKM Music
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

This charming collection of duos for two flutes with piano by Giulio Briccialdi is guaranteed to awaken the incurable romantic in each of us. Editor Carol Wincenc became acquainted with these lesser-known Briccialdi gems by members of the Petrucci family, the world's foremost experts on his life and music. Extra special care has been taken in notating dynamics, articulations and phrasing that in performance and study assure a seamless, operatic cantabile style, and an easily executed technical virtuosity. This edition is guaranteed to bring flautists of all levels satisfaction and joy - musically, technically, and culturally.

Veröffentlicht am: 06 Dezember 2018
Katalognr.: HL00281287

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      Giulio Briccialdi: Three Duos For Two Flutes And Piano
      Querflöte(Duett), Klavier
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