Francis Poulenc: 50 Mélodies (Low Voice)

Buch | Tiefe Stimme, Klavier

Verlag: Hal Leonard
Komponist: Francis Poulenc
Format: Noten | Gesangsalbum

“For as long as there are poets there will be songs. If someone was to put on my tomb: ‘Here lies Francis Poulenc, musician to Apollinaire and Éluard’: that really would be my finest claim to fame,” the composer declared in 1945. Right from boyhood his attraction to poetry was practically equal to his love of music. And in fact the young Poulenc took to song-writing quite naturally, starting in 1919. Poulenc compiled a catalogue of 150 songs, a body of works of consistently high quality, containing great diversity, that marks him out as the last major exponent in this genre. This volume is a selection of Poulenc’s best-known titles in both original and transposed key for high and low voice with new engravings, it includes original poems and English translation. This edition belongs to “Musique vocale française”, a series devoted to French vocal repertoire – both in original and transposed key – designed for students and teachers as well as professionals.

ISBN: 9790044093892
Veröffentlicht am: 25 Juni 2018
Katalognr.: DF01640400

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      Francis Poulenc: 50 Mélodies (Low Voice)
      Tiefe Stimme, Klavier
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