Elysa And Jason Hochman: Classical And Flamenco Guitar Solos And Etudes (Book/Online Audio/Video)

Buch und Digitale Audio | Gitarre

Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Classical And Flamenco Guitar Solos And Etudes provides an introduction to classical and flamenco Guitar techniques through 22 pieces. These short, melodic studies will increase your understanding of chord/harmonic shapes, and encompass a variety of styles: vals, classical etudes, malagueña, soleá, rumba, farruca, and bulerías. The five main techniques in classical and flamenco guitar are: pulgar (thumb rest stroke), arpeggio, picado (index and middle alternating strokes), rasgueo (strumming), and tremolo (flamenco) – which are applied throughout this book. Includes access to online audio and video.

ISBN: 9781513461380
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