Richard Houghton: The Who - I Was There


Künstler: The Who
Reihe: I Was There
Format: Bücher | Biografie

The second in a series by author Richard Houghton, I Was There provides a fan's-eye account of the English rock band The Who. This book includes over 400 fans' accounts of their memories of seeing one of the greatest live acts ever, with fascinating anecdotes, stories, photographs and memorabilia that have never been published before.

From their early years as The High Numbers, playing venues in and around London, to the full blown tours with the classic Who line-up of Daltrey, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon promoting their landmark albums such as Tommy, Quadrophenia, Live At Leeds, Who’s Next and beyond.

ISBN: 9781911346173
Veröffentlicht am: 18 Mai 2018
Seitenzahl: 448
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: 9781911346173

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