Charles-Louis Hanon/David Dutkanicz: The Virtuoso Pianist (Book/Online Audio)

Buch und Digitale Audio | Klavier

Komponist: Charles-Louis Hanon
Author: David Dutkanicz
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Almost anyone who has played Piano for more than two years has encountered The Virtuoso Pianist, an essential part of the repertoire for more than a century.

In this edition, author and musician David Dutkanicz distills the essence of the original book's core exercises to create a vital guide that provides training in speed, agility, and strength of fingers and wrists. Downloadable MP3 recordings accompany this volume, offering an accessible approach that creates a firm foundation for every student's technique.

Intended for those who have studied Piano for about a year, the exercises are also helpful for more advanced students as well as pianists and teachers who need practice to regain the dexterity of their fingers. The entire volume can be played through in an hour, and after its contents have been thoroughly mastered, frequent reviews will continue to reward pianists.

ISBN: 9780486823904
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