Joanna Borrett: 4 Famous Opera Arias

Buch | Cello(Duett)

Verlag: S J Music
Komponist: Joanna Borrett
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Excellently arranged cello duets of Bizet's Toreador Song and Habanera from Carmen, Mozart's Non piu andrai from The Marriage of Figaro, and Puccini's Your tiny hand is frozen from La Bohème. Tune and accompaniment is shared between the two players, making them a lot of fun to play. Suitable for amateurs, students of at least Grade 6 playing standard (UK examination boards)  and professionals, they make maximum use of the range of tone colours a cello can produce.

Listen to the duets on Soundcloud, performed by the arranger Joanna Borrett, and Mark Bailey.  A CD is available to purchase from

ISBN: 9790708807988
Veröffentlicht am: 17 April 2018
Katalognr.: SJD20172

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