Casio: CT-X700 61 Note Keyboard (With Adapter)

Instrument | Keyboard

Verlag: Casio
Format: Instrumente | Instrument

The Casio CT-X700 is the entry keyboard into the new CT-X range packed with lots of features. This keyboard allows you to change the touch sensitivity, reverb, pitch and a host of other features so you can tailor the response to your individual preferences. Casio have also included a range of educational functionality with the ability to use the in-built lessons, split and layer functions as well as selecting different parts to play to the built-in songs. For those who like to compose at their keyboard, you are able to record drum rhythms and record your compositions, link to a computer or make use of the MIDI functions. A truly versatile keyboard.

Veröffentlicht am: 15 März 2018
Katalognr.: CTX700

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