Matthew Martin: I Saw The Lord

Buch | SATB (Gemischter Chor), Orgelbegleitung

Verlag: Faber Music
Komponist: Matthew Martin
Format: Noten | Gesangsalbum

The Festival Anthem I saw the Lord (2012) is a setting of words from Isaiah Ch 6, some of which are perhaps better known in the context of the great Victorian anthem by John Stainer. This Trinitarian/Dedication text (starting with the words “in the year that King Uzziah died”) is both powerful and full of dramatic imagery - flying seraphim, live coals, cries of the Tersanctus - as well as containing darker and more reflective passages.

ISBN: 9780571570959
Veröffentlicht am: 25 Januar 2018
Katalognr.: 057157095x

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      Matthew Martin: I Saw The Lord
      SATB (Gemischter Chor), Orgelbegleitung
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