Carl Davis: Charlie’s Flea Circus

Buch | Saxophon, Klavierbegleitung

Verlag: Faber Music
Komponist: Carl Davis
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

Composed for one of the world's leading saxophonists, John Harle, on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, Charlie's Flea Circus is a delightful 5-minute work for saxophone and piano by Carl Davis.

Taking in waltzes and mazurkas, this characterful and witty work makes a wonderful addition to the repertoire and is presented here in a versions for alto saxophone and piano, or alto doubling sopranino saxophone and piano.

ISBN: 9780571540495
Veröffentlicht am: 05 Dezember 2017
Seitenzahl: 24
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: 057154049X

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        Carl Davis: Charlie’s Flea Circus
        Saxophon, Klavierbegleitung
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