Outi Tarkiainen: The Earth, Spring's Daughter (Score)

Buch | Mezzo-Sopran, Orchester

Komponist: Outi Tarkiainen
Format: Noten | Partitur

Outi Tarkiainen's The Earth, Spring's Daughter - A Song Cycle for Mezzosoprano and Chamber Orchestra (2015).

Texts (in English and Sami) by Rose-Marie Huuva, Rauni Magga Lukkari, Timo Malmi, Aila Meriluoto, Leena Morottaja and Nils-Aslak Valkeapää. Transl. by Veikko Holmberg. Compiled by Outi Tarkiainen.

Programme note

Eanan, gida nieida (in Engl. The Earth, Spring's Daughter) is a mythical epos illustrating the core experiences of the North from the history to our times. The text is a vast collage of Sami poetry - the Sami people being the only indigenous people in the Europe. The strong mutual bond between the generations and the Sami culture's cyclical perception of time are present also in the structure of the work: the music unfolds in layers and cycles, to be born again and again. The work was commissioned by three northernmost professional orchestras in Europe: Lapland Chamber Orchestra (FIN), Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra (SWE) and Arctic Philharmonic (NOR).

Dedicated to John Storgårds and Ulla-Maija Kanerva.

First performance: Lapland Chamber Orchestra 1.9.2016, cond. John Storgårds, Virpi Räisänen, mezzosoprano.

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