Outi Tarkiainen: Siimes (Parts)

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Komponist: Outi Tarkiainen
Format: Noten | Stimmen

Siimes for Wind Quintet by Finnish composer Outi Tarkiainen (2017).

Programme note

Siimes is my second wind quintet and is based on the saxophone concerto Saivo. The title of the work suggests an allegorical hiding place deep in the forest, from where one can easily observe the surrounding reality. The first movement flows and swirls like diving under water, at times changing direction and always bubbling merrily. The second movement’s ethereal shimmering culminates into the last movement’s mighty chord pillars that pile up on one another like an ash cloud. Siimes is dedicated to Auriga Wind Quintet’s flautist Heli Haapala, who commissioned the work with the support of the Sibelius Foundation.

Outi Tarkiainen

Score: WH32984

ISBN: 9788759840092
Skill Level: Fortgeschrittene Explain this
Veröffentlicht am: 13 September 2017
Seitenzahl: 42
Länge: 13
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: WH32984A

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      Outi Tarkiainen: Siimes (Parts)
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