Emily Crocker: Read & Sing Folksongs

Buch | Gesang

Verlag: Hal Leonard
Author: Emily Crocker
Format: Noten | Gesangsalbum

Learn to read & sing a wealth of folksong history from the creative writing of Emily Crocker.

Kick up your heels with singing and dancing games, a play party, hoedown, counting out rhyme, spirituals, sea shanty, riverboat work song and much more! Well-written lesson plans take you step-by-step from melody to harmony. Learn a song as you play a game activity. Practice selected rhythm & melodic patterns to help sight read the song. Add a simple ostinato or partner melody for instant harmony. Decide on the form, and then switch it up each time you perform! Add classroom percussion parts provided, or create your own. Sing a cappella, or with the recording on the enclosed CD, or perform live with the piano/vocal arrangements printed in the Teacher Book. Simple choreography suggestions are listed above the piano scores. And there's more! You can bring John Jacobson into your classroom with choreography videos available free online.

The Teacher Book also comes with an Enhanced CD of audio recordings and PDFs of the singer songsheets in full color or black/white, so you have the freedom to print or project what you want! Perfect for classroom or concert programming. Have fun sight reading melody and harmony with “Read & Sing.” Suggested for Grades 3-6. 

ISBN: 9781495008184
Veröffentlicht am: 04 September 2017
Katalognr.: HL00140860

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