Olli Mustonen: Sextet - For Piano And Winds

Buch | Klavier, Bläserensemble

Verlag: Schott Music
Komponist: Olli Mustonen
Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik

My Sextet for piano and winds was originally written for piano and string quartet. The first movement is filled with drama and passion. Its atmosphere can be seen to be related to my Second Symphony ‘Johannes Angelos’. The second movement is a set of polyphonic variations reminiscent of a passacaglia. The music seems to be hypnotized by a theme consisting of a chromatic cluster of ten notes.In the last movement, one at a time the winds find a new kind of music resembling fragments of a hymn – at first hesitantly, but soon gaining in strength and confidence. Fast-moving triplets start to appear and the music reaches a joyful and ecstatic conclusion. Olli Mustonen

ISBN: 9790001161831
Veröffentlicht am: 17 August 2017
Katalognr.: ED22475

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      Olli Mustonen: Sextet - For Piano And Winds
      Klavier, Bläserensemble
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