Sangbogen 5 (Spiralryg)

Buch | Melodielinie, Text & Akkorde

Reihe: Sangbogen
Format: Noten | Album-Songbuch

Edited by Vagn Nørgaard, Jens Povlsen, and Jakob Faurholt, Sangbogen 5 (The Songbook 5) is the most recent addition to the famous Danish Songbook series.

This volume contains more than 320 songs, both Danish and international, but with focus on the Danish repertoire:

- Danish Traditional (hymns, folksongs and evergreens)
- Jukebox
- Danish and International BEAT·ROCK·POP

ISBN: 9788759836590
Skill Level: Leicht Explain this
Veröffentlicht am: 10 November 2017
Sprache: Dänisch
Katalognr.: WH32700

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      Sangbogen 5 (Spiralryg)
      Melodielinie, Text & Akkorde
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