Finest Classical Melodies Arranged For Recorder

Buch und CD | Querflöte, Klavierbegleitung

Format: Noten | Album-Songbuch

With its extensive and diverse repertoire, this tutorial allows you as a recordist to access the best of what classical music has to offer.

If you choose to work with this tutorial, you will not only broaden your musical horizon and improve your playing technique, but indeed enjoy performing all kinds of masterpieces on your own Recorder. All the great composers are featured – with one or even several of their works, with concerts, symphonies and sonatas, with lieder, arias and overtures, with Renaissance dances, orchestral pieces, waltzes and ballets, but also with instrumentals such as preludes, nocturnes, etudes, marches, gymnopedies and much more.

In order not to lose your enthusiasm while practicing, each score is accompanied by 2 audio-recordings, which you will find on the mp3 CD attached to the tutorial. In the first recording, the Recorder-part is played along to the corresponding accompaniment. In the second, only the backing track (the accompaniment) can be heard, which gives you the possibility of taking up the score yourself. In total, you are invited to enjoy 174 recordings, which add up to more than 6 hours of musical practice!

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Veröffentlicht am: 05 August 2017
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        Finest Classical Melodies Arranged For Recorder
        Querflöte, Klavierbegleitung
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