A Dozen A Day 4: Lower Higher (Spanish Edition)

Buch | Klavier

Verlag: Willis Music
Reihe: A Dozen A Day
Format: Bücher | Instrumentalmethode

Just as many people exercise daily before going to work, we must exercise our fingers, every day, BEFORE starting to play the piano. The purpose of this book is to improve the dexterity of the player, helping to develop strong hands and flexible fingers. Each set of exercises are designed to increase in difficulty gradually, so they will continue to be of use as instrumental technique improves. Each exercise can also be transposed, enabling the player to be comfortable in all keys.

ISBN: 9781785585623
Skill Level: Leicht Explain this
Veröffentlicht am: 13 Juni 2017
Sprache: Spanisch
Katalognr.: WMR101915

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