Valentina Reider: Flötenzauber Band 3

Buch und CD | Sopran-Blockflöte

Verlag: Schott Music
Format: Noten | Album-Songbuch

Playing the recorder is neither magic nor rocket science – or is it!?

In Flötenzauber the little witch Valentina and her friend Chebby accompany the little musicians on their fascination journey through the world of music.

The three-part method for descant recorder has been conceived for children older than pre-school age and can be used for private and group lessons alike, e.g. in early music education. Flötenzauber deliberately does without long explanatory texts, focusing instead on teaching the very basics playfully and with ease. All songs come with texts to make it easier for the children to learn new melodies and rhythms. Numerous tips provide teachers and parents with information on how to work with the method. Illustrations on all pages just beg to be coloured in and can be used to make working in the group more flexibly.

ISBN: 9783795749545
Veröffentlicht am: 25 Mai 2017
Katalognr.: ED2214950

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        Valentina Reider: Flötenzauber Band 3
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