Sadie Harrison: Sapida-Dam-Nau (New Dawn)

Buch | Orchester

Komponist: Sadie Harrison
Format: Noten | Partitur

Sadie Harrison's Sapida-Dam-Nau (New Dawn) for Orchestra. Composed and published 2016. Dedicated with admiration to the Afghanistan Women’s Orchestra ‘Zohra’.

Sapida-Dam-Nau was written whilst Sadie Harrison was Composer-in-Association with the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, and its composition was generously supported by a Finzi Trust Scholarship 2015-2016.

It was premiered on 18th January 2017 at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, conducted by Kevin Bishop.

ISBN: 9790570367368
Veröffentlicht am: 17 August 2016
Seitenzahl: 18
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: M570367368

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