Ernest Chausson: Piano Trio In G Minor Op. 3

Buch | Violine, Cello, Klavier-Kammermusik

Verlag: Henle Verlag
Komponist: Ernest Chausson
Format: Noten | Partitur und Stimmen

Ernest Chausson's Piano Trio In G Minor Op. 3. Score and parts.

Following his early elimination from the Paris Conservatoire's sought-after award for students of composition, the “Prix de Rome”, Ernest Chausson withdrew to the country in summer 1881 and began composing this ambitious work – out of defiance, so to speak. During his lifetime the trio remained an insider’s tip amongst those close to his teacher César Franck. It was only after its posthumous publication that it was performed more frequently and was gradually recognized as being one of the best chamber music works of its time.

The Piano Trio In G Minor Op. 3 is closely based on Franck’s principle of the cyclic interleaving of all motives, yet still has dark and melancholy inflections all of its own. The Henle Urtext edition is the first critical edition and is a welcome addition to their collection of French music.

ISBN: 9790201812779
Veröffentlicht am: 19 Oktober 2016
Seitenzahl: 111
Sprache: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch
Katalognr.: HN1277

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    Ernest Chausson: Piano Trio In G Minor Op. 3
    Violine, Cello, Klavier-Kammermusik
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