Bernhard Henrik Crusell: Clarinet Concerto In E-Flat Major Op.1

Buch | Klarinette, Klavierbegleitung

Verlag: Henle Verlag
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This edition completes Henle's series of all three Clarinet concertos by the Swedish composer and clarinettist Bernhard Henrik Crusell.

Issued in Leipzig in 1811, the Clarinet Concerto In E-Flat Major Op.1 was Crusell's first published work but had definitely been composed several years prior to this. With its elegant head movement and the simple and moving Adagio, it is probably the most “Mozartian” of all of his three concertos, although the final rondo is reminiscent of Carl Maria von Weber.

The editor and clarinettist Nicolai Pfeffer is now presenting this charming work, between Classicism and Romanticism, on the basis of the first edition. The Piano reduction wonderfully fits the hands and was prepared by Johannes Umbreit on the basis of the original orchestral parts.

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