How To Blitz: Four-Part Harmony


Verlag: Chester Music
Author: Samantha Coates
Reihe: BlitzBooks
Format: Bücher | Theorie

Learn the rules of harmony with this easy-to-follow guide. How To Blitz! Four-Part Harmony is the perfect resource for musicians of all ages.

Designed to be a quick reference book rather than an intricate explanation of the workings of four-part harmony, this book uses the figured bass system to indicate types of chord.

How To Blitz! Four-Part Harmony works in conjunction with the website, where you can download all sorts of free resources to help you with your study, including games, manuscript, test papers and materials to help with practical exam preparation.

Written by renowned educator and author Samantha Coates, the BlitzBooks series has brought fun and laughter to the areas of music theory, instrumental technique and sight reading. Coates' engaging approach to theory and sight reading has already made BlitzBooks the most popular range of theory and sight reading books in Australia and they are now finally available in the UK. 

ISBN: 9781785583599
Skill Level: Leicht Explain this
Veröffentlicht am: 10 Oktober 2016
Seitenzahl: 24
Sprache: Englisch
Katalognr.: CH85206

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