A Tribute To Keith Moon (There Is No Substitute)


Verlag: Omnibus Press
Künstler: Keith Moon
Author: Ian Snowball
Format: Bücher | Biografie

Compiled by Ian Snowball and authorised by the Estate of Keith Moon and Keith's daughter, Amanda De Wolf, There Is No Substitute is a fitting tribute to The Who's legendary late drummer Keith Moon.

Including many photographs - some previously unseen - and contributions from Keith's friends and fans as well as musicians (notably drummers), commentators and those who knew him best.

Focusing on Keith's influence as a drummer and musician, the book assesses the impact he made on rock 'n' roll, while also reflecting the deep affection that his madcap genius inspired among those with whom he came into contact. Shifting the emphasis from the outrageous mischief to the music, the book celebrates the power and artistry behind Moon's drumming, including contributions that explains why his was such a unique legacy in rock percussion.

Interviewees include Kenney Jones, who became The Who's drummer after Keith's death, Rick Buckler of The Jam, Don Powell of Slade, Mick Avory of the Kinks, Carl Palmer of ELP, Clem Burke of Blondie and the late Jack Bruce.

ISBN: 9781785581489
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