Die Mathematik Der Anna Depenbusch In Schwarz-Weiss (PV)

Buch | Klavier & Gesang

Verlag: Bosworth
Künstler: Anna Depenbusch
Format: Noten | Album-Songbuch

With the release of her 2011 album The Mathematics of Anna Depenbusch, Hamburg-born Anna established herself as a pop singer/songwriter with lyrics full of wit, lightness and profundity.

The 'mathematical' pieces in this album were anything but arithmetic brown bread for the gray cells. Rather, gorgeous compositions for the ears, opulently arranged and produced with unusual imagination. The album also featured four songs played by a Symphony Orchestra.

The response to the album was very pleasing. The newspapers gave outstanding reviews and radio and television interviewers scrambled to get gigs. With her enigmatic persona, Anna Depenbusch took audiences by storm on her tour of Germany.

Every successful album requires a songbook. This here is arranged for Voice with Piano accompaniment with the songs set in the original key.

ISBN: 9783865438645
Veröffentlicht am: 13 Februar 2015
Seitenzahl: 84
Sprache: Deutsch
Katalognr.: BOE2502

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