Under The Rainbow


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Under the Rainbow is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Space is the Place recorded in 2011.

Carsten Dahl is one of Scandinavia’s leading pianists and has played with Ed Thigpen, Benny Golson, Eddie Gomez, to name a few.

Arild Andersen is one of Europe’s leading bass players since the early seventies.

Jon Christensen is an active drummer, and a member of the legendary Keith Jarrett "European Quartet” in the seventies.

Both Andersen and Christensen appear on several recordings on the legendary ECM label.

Here - under the rainbow it is for us – so easy it to interplay and fly together. Down and up there.” - Carsten Dahl.

Veröffentlicht am: 15 August 2013
Katalognr.: STV1014287

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