Graham Cole: Pentacle (score)

Buch | Blechblasorchester

Verlag: Faber Music
Komponist: Graham Cole
Format: Noten | Partitur

Pentacle was selected as a test piece for the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, First Section regional competition in 2009. The Pentacle is an image of an upright five-pointed star drawn inside a circle with a single continuous line making the five points equally spaced. Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the ancients. These provide the titles for the five sections of the piece: Earth (representing stability and physical endurance), Wind (representing intelligence and the arts), Fire (representing courage and daring), Water (representing emotions and intuition) and Quintessence (which represents the All and the Divine spirit).

Brass Band Grades 1 & 2: Novice and Learner bands.

Duration: 13 minutes.


ISBN: 9780571569489
Veröffentlicht am: 19 Juni 2018
Katalognr.: 057156948X

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    Graham Cole: Pentacle (score)
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