Karsten Fundal: Figure And Ground Study 2 (Player's Score)

Buch | Gitarre, Kammermusik

Komponist: Karsten Fundal
Format: Noten | Partitur

Karsten Fundal's Figure And Ground Study 2 for 3 Guitars (1994).

Figure and Ground Study 2 is a title which shares its name with a series of drawings by M.C. Escher. The drawings have light motives on a dark background - yet at the same time exactly the opposite! The dark background becomes the foreground and the light foreground becomes the background. One sees either the dark or the light figures, but it is impossible to perceive both figures as the foreground at once. In this musical work, various complimentary scales appear as both the foreground and the background. 

Karsten Fundal


ISBN: 9788759826621
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