Fundal Karsten: Entropia (Score)

Buch | Sopran, Bariton, SATB (Gemischter Chor), Orchester

Komponist: Karsten Fundal
Format: Noten | Partitur

Karsten Fundal's Entropia for Large Orchestra, Soprano and Baritone soli, Large Choir and Chamber Choir (SATB) and prerecorded sound (1997-2001).

Commissioned by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Choir / DR.

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About Entropia:

This orchestral work is chiefly an attempt to make a musical investigation into the complex question of the nature of time. The viewpoint taken, on a philosophical level, is chiefly inspired by the brilliant thinker and philosopher of time, J.F. Fraser. The main conclusion of his investigation of the subject, is, in very short, that the only adequate view to take of time as a phenomenon, with all the knowledge that we have today, is that time must be seen as a conflict or at least an interference, between many different “temporal levels” (...)

Karsten Fundal


ISBN: 9788759824085
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Veröffentlicht am: 06 November 2011
Seitenzahl: 90
Länge: 35
Sprache: Deutsch, Sanskrit
Katalognr.: WH31452

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      Fundal Karsten: Entropia (Score)
      Sopran, Bariton, SATB (Gemischter Chor), Orchester
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