Per Nørgård: Billet Doux A Madame C (Score And Parts)

Buch | Querflöte, Bratsche, Harfe

Komponist: Per Norgard
Format: Noten | Partitur und Stimmen

Billet Doux à Madame C. (2005) by Per Nørgård.

BILLET DOUX, the name in French for an intimate letter, was chosen as title for this trio (6 minutes long) from 2005. 

As a letter to a loved one can posses both a loving and a light (perhaps frivolous) tone, and both a serious and a humorous style, so this music tries in the same way to.. drift or dance from one atmosphere to another, often in swinging rhythms inspired by the proportions of The Golden Mean (near to 2:3:5:8 et cetera), proportions to be found in nature in many variations. 
It is the hope and intention of the composer that the sounding music will also be light hearted, natural and cheerful. 

BILLET DOUX is dedicated to the musicians of the MADAME CLAUDE trio - Pia Kaufmanas (flute), Ida Speyer Grøn (viola) og Tine Rehling (harp). 

Per Nørgård (2005)


ISBN: 9788759814161
Veröffentlicht am: 26 Januar 2011
Seitenzahl: 28
Länge: 7
Katalognr.: WH30685

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